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Fri Jan 25 03:23:22 PST 2008

On Friday 25 January 2008 12:01:32 nf2 wrote:
> David Faure wrote:
> > After discussion with Alexander on IRC we came to the following
> > adjustement:
> >
> > * being able to add an application to a mimetype in defaults.list even if
> > the application .desktop file does not mention this mimetype. This
> > removes the need for making local copies of desktop files.
> >
> > * being able to remove associations, in the defaults.list file, using a
> > separate group like this: [Removed Associations]
> > image/x-xwindowdump=kview.desktop;
> >
> > This way the app-mime association list is fully editable (you can add and
> > remove), and no duplication of system settings is done (so if the
> > sysadmin updates his higher-level defaults.list you'll still get those
> > changes, except for the associations that have been explicitely removed
> > this way).
> That's cool. There is just one problem - different desktops have
> different default applications. Thus there could be two (or more)
> /usr/share/applications/KDE.defaults.list
> /usr/share/applications/GNOME.defaults.list

I was writing an email to talk about that, but I erased it and thought better 
not to.

The name "defaults.list" is actually a misnomer, IIUC. It isn't a matter of 
defaults, it's a matter of user preference. So this file should save only the 
changes the user makes. Therefore, they should apply anywhere, regardless of 

In the absence of said files, the initial preferences from the .desktop files 
apply. As David Faure said, those are fine for most cases already.

The same applies to the menus, for instance. Changes made by the user are 
saved in ~/.local/share/applications, ~/.local/share/desktop-directories and 
~/.config/menus. They apply to all desktops once made.

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