Mime Spec updates: Matching order and generic icons

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Mon Jan 28 07:41:41 PST 2008

On Monday, 28. January 2008, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> 2) Adds generic-icon and icon attribute for mimetypes. As per some
> discussions between Gnome and KDE developers.
> The generic-icon is used for looking up the icon to use if the mimetype
> specific icon does not exist (i.e. the if the "application-msword"
> doesn't exist, use "x-office-document"). The list of generic icon names
> are availible in Table 10 in the icon naming spec. Without this addition
> there is currently no way to know what generic icon to use without
> hardcoding a list of types.
> Opinions?

Yay for not hardcoding generic icons! I like it.
Just one thing:

> If this element is not specified then the mimetype is used to generate the
> generic icon by using the top-level media type (e.g. "video" in "video/ogg")
> and appending "-x-generic" (i.e. "video-x-generic" in the previous example).
> Only one <userinput>generic-icon</userinput> element is allowed.

I'm not sure if an application-x-generic icon makes sense... any measures to 
avoid checking or even having that one?

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