shared trash directories in the trash spec

Andrea Francia andrea.francia at
Fri Jul 4 16:14:28 PDT 2008

2008/7/4 David Faure <dfaure at>:

> > This is all pretty bad, and the current solution to this in both KDE4
> > and gnome (gio) is that trash to FAT/NTFS partitions is not allowed.

Help me to solve this enigma, the GNOME support or not the Trash Spec?
In which version?
I understand that there is a protocol implementation of trash:/ but it seems
that is not yet used by nautilus.

> Andrea, would this also solve your problem?<>

Ideally I would prefer an implementation that uses the Windows Recycle Bin
data structure in a NTFS, or FAT partitions.
But I don't know if there is a publicly specification of these data
structures and how it could be easy find and implement them (the ReactOs has
a Recicle Bin?).

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