xdg-open man page should cross-reference other xdg programs

Luke Schlather luke2760 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 30 19:54:50 PDT 2008

I was looking into an issue with Pidgin (it opens links with whatever 
browser I last installed via apt, instead of following the preferences 
set by gnome-control-center) and someone suggested xdg-open as the 
likely culprit. I've verified that gnome does not correctly set 
xdg-open's mime type association (and I plan on filing a bug in Ubuntu 
and seeing how and where that goes upstream) but I would like to request 
that someone add a 'see also' section to the xdg-open manpage, so that 
someone who has no idea what it is, could find their way back to 
xdg-mime and figure out how to configure xdg-open (in the hypothetical 
absence of both a properly configured desktop and a helpful mailing 
list/irc channel.)

Actually, as long as I'm mailing, this couldn't have anything to do with 
me using Fluxbox, and thus not having a 'desktop' per se 90% of the 
time, could it? I still open a full gnome-metacity Ubuntu 8.04 session 
on occasion, so I have all the requisite files in ~/Desktop, I just 
don't actually load the gnome desktop. But I would expect it to work 

Any help is appreciated, and please make that manpage reference the rest 
of the toolkit for the next sorry fool who's wondering what xdg-open is.

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