Announcing Xesam Search RC2

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen mikkel.kamstrup at
Fri Mar 28 15:32:29 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that I rolled Release Candidate 2 of the Xesam
Search Spec. It is available from

The release cycle was *much* longer than what I had aimed for, but life got
in the way. In short, nothing exiting happened in this cycle (which is a
good thing!). A few good ideas where turned down during the cycle which
would have caused more change than I would have liked at this point. The
main focus has been on resolving unclear areas and general polish of the
spec.  Any application or server that works on RC1 should work without
changes on RC2 I think. No guarantees though (some fields might have changed
in the onto, but you are unlikely to be using these).

If there are any requests for a detailed changelog on the ontology, I can
probably whip one up.

Changelog (also available in a prettier format on

New Version Number

    * 0.95 (encoded as 95 in vendor.xesam)

Search API

    * Specify that requesting a removed hit via GetHitData should return
unset fields, not throw an error

User Search Language

    * Allow spaces around relation-part of a select statement. Ie allow "ext
= jpg" (previously only "ext=jpg" was allowed)


    * Introduce the Virtual ontology with xesam:relevancyRating,
xesam:snippet, xesam:contentCategory, and xesam:sourceCategory. "Virtual"
because these fields only make sense in certain contexts.
    * Add FAQ
    * Add Glossary


    * Add data types for fields
    * Add cardinality for fields (whether or not they are lists or single
    * Polish.


    * GetHitData should return data in same order as the argument
    * That you can request fields from the virtual onto to look up snippets,
and categories
    * Note in the USL that AND takes precedence
    * Added list of data types to the Search API spec (was implicitly
defined by the query language before)
    * Move XesamSearchLive page to XesamSearchAPI
    * Add section to API about sorting
    * Note that USL uses UTF-8 strings (implicit before since we use DBUS)
    * Note in the query language that we use the format "xesam:File" to
refer to cats and fields, not the full URI
    * Note that the default namespace for the cats and fields in the query
lang. is xesam. Ie we can use "File" to refer to "xesam:File"
    * Lots of polish an minor teaks

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