API for binding and unbinding a key combo?

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Mon Mar 31 05:13:19 PDT 2008

On Monday, 31. March 2008, Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
> On 2008-03-31, Jakob Petsovits <jpetso at gmx.at> wrote:
> > try to work with those other developers so that the solution doesn't only
> > satisfy the needs of one single group but the needs of both.
> They don't listen. They don't have to listen. They're big
> and sponsored by powerful corporations, whose bottom line
> is more important than leaving room for choice and Keeping
> Things Simple.

They also won't listen if you attack them instead of trying to work 
collaborately. If you're convinced that they won't listen anyways, then 
there's only one possible choice to keep your sanity, and that is not to get 
involved with them at all. Neither working together nor complaining.

Doing so nevertheless will only get you angry, and the others too, but has no 
chance of solving any problem. If you can't change it, just let it be and 
concentrate on stuff that you can change for the better.

Good luck,

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