Haiku - FreeDesktop.org cooperation proposal (fwd)

Toni Ruottu toni.ruottu at iki.fi
Thu May 8 04:19:34 PDT 2008


As a teenager, I read about BeOS in a Finnish computer magazine. It
sounded really cool, so when my parents told me they were going to buy a
new family computer, I asked the computer store for a PC that could run
BeOS. The new computer had Windows on it, but I was able to run BeOS
with the Windows installer. I never really became a BeOS user, but there
was something attractive in it and thus I've been secretly following
Haiku development from the shadows. I'm happy to see you on this list
and I hope fruitful co-operation will arise.

> * Haiku can certainly adhere to some freedesktop.org standards where it 
> is relevant.

Today I'm using mainly Ubuntu and I have been working on the
freedesktop.org clipboard specification. The current version should be
more general than some older editions. Iirc the clipboard management in
BeOS was fairly simple, so it might be possible for Haiku to respect the
specification (at least to some degree). Please give me your opinion on
the matter. The current version is available from


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