Haiku - FreeDesktop.org cooperation proposal (fwd)

Toni Ruottu toni.ruottu at iki.fi
Thu May 8 08:41:29 PDT 2008

> > Today I'm using mainly Ubuntu and I have been working on the
> > freedesktop.org clipboard specification. The current version should 
> > be
> > more general than some older editions. Iirc the clipboard management 
> > in
> > BeOS was fairly simple, so it might be possible for Haiku to respect 
> > the
> > specification (at least to some degree). Please give me your opinion 
> > on
> > the matter. The current version is available from
> > http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xdg/2007-November/008985.html

> I'll have a look at the specs, but for now here is a glimpse of how 
> Haiku handles clipboards:

The specification describes how clipboard should appear to user. So the
way underlying structures have been implemented should not be a huge
problem. It is not about doing cross system copy/paste operations. Such
might be useful for some remote desktop systems. This specification,
however, is about providing a consistent user experience between
different desktop platforms.


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