Special mime types for directories.

Mildred ml.mildred593 at online.fr
Wed May 14 08:40:39 PDT 2008

Le Tue 13/05/2008 à 19:42 Thiago Macieira à écrit:
> As far as I know, directory bundles are a concept existing only on
> MacOS X. The file browsers on Linux/Unix will treat your directory as
> any other directory.

Why not allow directories to have mime types as well ?

Even if it not widely spread, some directories can have special
meaning and can be opened by applications (so you need to have a
separate mime type and possibly a way to change the icon)

Some examples:
- application that stores their data in a main file, a directory and
  private files in it. For example Audacity projects, Saved HTML pages
  (most browsers) -> I would like to see bundles for them
- Zim which is a desktop wiki can open directories that contains wiki
  pages (text files actually)
- VLC can open a DVD directory and play the DVD

And I don't see why application should limit themselves to flat files
that must often reproduce some kind of directory structure (like
OpenDocument files that are only ZIP archives).

So would it be possible to slightly modify applications so they accept
to test folders for mime type (I guess since magic couldn't be used,
the detection should only rely on filename or extended attributes).


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