Proposed draft for the thumbnail D-Bus specification

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Sep 4 05:54:33 PDT 2008


On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 4:59 AM, Philip Van Hoof <spam at> wrote:
> It's not necessary to create a new object on the bus for this, in my
> opinion. The handle is just for the unqueue, with an object on the bus
> the application developer would have to track proxies to it to use the
> unqueue operation. That sounds overkill to me. The Queue also has a
> handle_to_unqueue, what should I pass here? The mktemp-style random
> string? Right now both `handle_to_unqueue` and the `Unqueue` operation
> share the same kind of things that get passed (a simple handle).
> Not sure about this ...

If the only operation on handle is unqueue, then an object is possibly
overkill, matter of taste I guess. But if you started adding
additional operations it would start to be a little ugly, so if handle
is OK with just unqueue, I'd at least try to be pretty sure there
won't be more operations.

> org.freedesktop.PowerManagement.BlackLight
>  org.freedesktop.PowerManagement.BlackLight.GetBrightness ()
>  org.freedesktop.PowerManagement.BlackLight.SetBrightness ()

This is kinda weird (an "inner interface") - think about how it would
map to Java or C++ or even GObject. At the very least the mapping
would involve a lot of typing, because you can't do a "using" with an
interface in the same way you can with a package or namespace, and in
GObject this is going to be a very long function name.


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