Updating fd.o trash spec

Andrea Francia andrea at andreafrancia.it
Thu Sep 25 04:07:31 PDT 2008

2008/9/25 Mikhail Ramendik <mr at ramendik.ru>:
> Hello,
> I am the tech writer who did the original Trash Spec based on the decisions
> by David and Alexander. It's actually still hosted on my site. I feel ready
> to update it. (Sorry for not responding earlier)
> I understand I need to put in the Time Zone change - namely, as RFC3339 is
> already referenced, I will explain that it should be in UTC (4.1) or Local
> Offset (4.2); Unqualified Local Time (4.4) must be read in a sane way but
> never written.
> Are any other changes needed?
Two things.

I suggest to make clearer the fact that all relative path in volume
trash directories are relative to the $topdir of the volume.

At the present the Spec says that they are relative to the parent dir
and some can think that the parent dir of /mnt/disk/.Trash/$uid is
/mnt/disk/.Trash instead of /mnt/disk/.

I suggest that the Spec should specify without ambiguities if
Unqualified Local Time should be interpreted as user's or filesystem's
local time.

> Also, would it be possible to "regularize" the document by checking it into
> fd/o's version tracking?

About that I'll report what Vincent Untz says about that few time ago
in this list:

2008/9/16 Vincent Untz <vuntz at gnome.org>:
> Le lundi 15 septembre 2008, à 16:52 +0200, Andrea Francia a écrit :
>> There is not a chance to have a issue tracking system and possibly a source
>> control system for these Spec?
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Specifications
> We have a trash-spec CVS repository, but it's empty (?). It will
> hopefully got in a VCS at some point anyway.
> Vincent

Andrea Francia

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