MIME problem with icon spec

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at fmp.com
Wed Apr 22 09:32:36 PDT 2009

Perhaps someone on this list can help me with this problem.

My desktop system is Gentoo, running Gnome, with gnome-mime-data v2.18.0
and shared-mime-info v0.51.

I'm trying to set up custom icons for an application I'm working on
which uses the shared MIME-info database.  In particular, I'm trying to
set up an icon which will display within the application's file browse
tree for PHP files, defined as type 'applicaiton/x-php'.

I define a section in $HOME/.local/share/mime/packages/Overrides.xml for
local overrides for MIME type application/x-php.  This includes:

<icon name="application-x-php" />

In $HOME/.local/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/mimetypes (any reasonable
size-spec directory will do) I put a symlink for 'application-x-php.png'
to /home/fmouse/var/share/icons/php.png which is where I keep custom
icons.  I run update-mime-database.

With this in place, the application segfaults on startup.  Likewise
gedit, an established Gnome editor, crashes when I try to bring up the
Open File dialog.  So this is apparently a problem with the MIME system,
or my use of it, probably not in the application.

_IF_ I comment out the icon spec element in Overrides.xml, _OR IF_ I
change the MIME type in Overrides.xml to 'text/x-php' (which is
sometimes used for PHP files), then I get no crashes, and in the latter
case the application's file tree icon is the correct, user-defined one
for PHP files.  Unfortunately, redefining the MIME type for PHP files
breaks other features in the application so I can't really do this.  

The 'icon' spec element is only supposed to be used in unpriv'd accounts
for local redefinition or fine-tuning of a system-defined MIME type, so
there shouldn't be a conflict, but apparently there is.

Any insights?

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