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Am Ro beastlifeisgood at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 13:13:25 PDT 2009

> From: Am Ro <beastlifeisgood at gmail.com>
> Date: April 19, 2009 4:11:06 PM GMT-04:00
> To: gnu at gnu.org
> Subject: OpenCL
> I know I am entirely sending this email to the wrong project but,  
> and open source, multi-platform implementation of OpenCL could be  
> implemented atop NVIDIA's CUDA and ATI's Stream, and whatever Intel  
> uses. I am running Leopard, but I need the technology on Linux boxes  
> and I feel that Apple's Snow Leopard will leave anyone using earlier  
> systems devoid of that technology. I have a hecktick life so I can't  
> contribute (or start) the project. GNUCL. So could you just forward  
> this email to someone who could help start this project.
> 		- Thanks

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