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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Fri Dec 25 11:34:38 PST 2009

On Friday, 2009-12-25, Bernd wrote:
> Hello,
> I reported an issue on the TV-Browser issue tracker to respect the
> freedesktop basedir specification:
> But they closed the issue with "Won't Fix". The argument was that the
> freedesktop basedir specification is distro related and not every distro
> respect this specifications.
> Could someone explain me what the TV-Browser developers mean or could
> someone help me to argue on the issue for TV-Browser?

The basedir spec is the base of so many other specs that it is highly unlikely 
that any distribution with desktop related packages ha patched all of those 
packages to not comply with the spec.

Maybe they could give an example of a distribution which patches all 
conforming software to use different default paths?
(i.e. using something else than $HOME/.config and not having $XDG_CONFIG_HOME 
set to that path)


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