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Jonas Bähr jonas.baehr at
Thu Dec 24 06:41:51 PST 2009

Am 23.12.2009 um 23:38 schrieb Pierre Wieser:

> Hi,
> After remarks and comments of the week, I've updated our draft.
> We have so a v 0.3 available at [1].
> What is new there:
> - I think most of parameters should be defined
> - I think most of conditions should be defined
> - most of string values accept parameters, not only the command  
> arguments
> - SelectionCount condition has been removed
>  (may be done with e.g. ShowIfTrue=sh -c "[ %c -gt 1 ] && echo true")

Following this argument you only need "ShowIfTrue". Personally I think  
that "SelectionCount" is much more convenient and really easy to  
implement. I'd like to keep it. In my eyes launching an other process  
via ShowIfTrue should be the last resort for stuff that can't be done  

> - I have not defined ExecuteAs
>  as this may be done with Exec=sudo -c

This only works for terminal applications on systems with sudo...  
Other distributions may prefer su, and we absolutely need a graphical  
input dialog for passwords. KDE has kdesu for that, other desktops may  
have other solutions. So relaying on sudo is no option. With a key for  
executing the command with an other uid every desktop can continue to  
use its own privilege escalation mechanism.

Why do we need "ToolbarSameLabel"? I'd simply say that the name is  
taken if "ToolbarLabel" is not present. Else "ToolbarLabel" is used.

"Path" should not be unspecified by default but rather default to "%d"

Thanks and bye,

> Your remarks and comments are not only more than welcome,
> but also will give this spec some great ideas and backgrounds!
> Best regards
> Pierre
> [1]
> PS: and have a merry christmas, all..

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