Summary of the fdo disussion at GCDS

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Wed Jul 8 13:00:09 PDT 2009


We had a small discussion involving few KDE, Gnome, and freedesktop fellow at 
Gran Canaria desktop summit.

I'm trying there to summarize, correct me if I'm wrong.

We agreed that freedesktop would have a wiki page listing the 
specification/implementations and saying whether they are blessed by each 
desktop, and the implementation status.

It is not allowed to take namespace on org.freedesktop unless the project get 
blessed by at least GNOME and KDE.

In order to get blessed, it has to be accepted by the 'release manager' of the 

When someone want to start a project or specification, the suggested process 
would be:
 - Announce the intention to take a given namespace or work on a given 
project, with a plan on how to do. Send an email to the xdg mailing list.
 - The 'release manager' from each desktop make sure that the relevant person 
within the desktop get contacted so they can give feedback
 - Each desktop can then comment and say if they bless or not the project, 
with an explanation if it is not blessed.
 - The implementation/specification get blessed in the same way once it is 

The wiki would contains a link to the email saying if a given project is 
blessed or not (for each desktop)

We should be very carefully before accepting generic name on the freedesktop 
namespace. But less generic name are more likely to be accepted.
How the spec/project is developed is up to each project. git has been 
suggested but is not mandatory.

We still need to find the 'release manager' from each desktop.

So can we meta-bless this proposal? :-)


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