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Thu Jul 9 13:53:52 PDT 2009

On Thursday 09 July 2009, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> Please have a look and comment.

it's looking really great. it could use some proof reading, but the content 
itself seems quite sound.

just as a heads up: i'm going to be out for the next few weeks during which 
time i will be available only occasionally. i will be back in full before 
august. until then, i won't be able to provide much in the way of 
input/involvement, but i haven't fallen off the face of the earth (just busy 
moving across it ;)

i am very happy to see how far we have already come as evidenced by this draft 
document, and can't wait to see where it will be when i return and can 
participate more fully again.

there are a couple of others with admin status in the xdg-spec team on 
gitorious, including Cornelius. so any changes or additions that need to 
happen there can be taken care of by others in my absence. i'd recommend 
adding at least one person with admin status from each involved project (KDE, 
GNOME, XFCE, LXDE, etc.) so we have true shared ownership of this artifact.

cheers, and i'll see you all on the flip side ... :)

Aaron J. Seigo
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