specification process

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Fri Jul 10 02:31:27 PDT 2009

Le Friday 10 July 2009, Jannis Pohlmann a écrit :

> Does it really matter who the contact points are? As Aaron said, if two
> persons from the same project disagree, then there's something wrong.
> So I think it's better to get people involved who are actually working
> with the specs, even if that may be different persons from time to
> time. In the end you can always ask someone "is that the final
> and official word from your project?" to be sure he gives the fact that
> he's acting as a representative some thought ;)

In my opinion it does not matter who it is.  but it has to be someone the 
project trust. And the decision of the desktop has to be taken after having 
consulted all the relevent person for the specification within the desktop. 
And we need someone that know who works on what, and will take care of 
broadcasting the announce of the spec to the right people.

Also, I don't see what's 'wrong' when two poeple from the same project 
disagree.  That happens very often. KDE and Gnome are big project with lots of 
people with different opinions.  It is true that it is probably much easier to 
get consensus within a single desktop than between desktop, but still, 
conflicts happens.

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