specification process

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Fri Jul 10 02:43:34 PDT 2009

Le Thursday 09 July 2009, Cornelius Schumacher a écrit :
> Following up on the discussion about at GCDS and the
> additional input on the mailing list, I wrote down a specification for the
> process how to manage specifications. It's based on the
> consensus we built at GCDS plus the input which came from Aaron and others
> before and after the meetings.
> To bootstrap the process I wrote it down as a specification
> following the proposed process. You can find the text at
> Please have a look and comment.
> The next step would be to work in your comments, and when this is done to
> merge it back to the main repository and get approval by the release teams.

Something is missing to me.
Before creating a specification, we should have a process to ask for feedback 
and requirements from different desktop, so everyone is on the same page 

This is almost taken care if we want to take a freedesktop namespace, but not 
for general specification.

In my opinion this should be a recommanded good practice.  sending an email to 
xdg mailing list with the intentent, and then the point of contact of each 
desktop make sure the right person and give feedback.

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