[desktop entry spec] new FullName key

Dan Winship danw at gnome.org
Tue Jul 21 15:03:03 PDT 2009

On 07/21/2009 11:20 AM, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Therefore comes this proposal to add a new FullName key, which would
> typically be a combination of Name and GenericName, but could also be
> a variant, for example:
>   Name=Glade
>   GenericName=User Interface Designer
>   FullName=Glade Interface Designer
> As this doesn't change the meaning of existing fields this change
> doesn't have any impact on existing desktop files, and programs that
> consume them.
> How does it sound ?

Well, but you don't need FullName to be able to do the example you gave:

  D-Bus Debugger

And I think doing things like that (or like "Name (GenericName)" or
"GenericName <small>(Name)</small>" or whatever, with some sort of
punctuation or layout) is vastly better than the "Name GenericName"
convention that we somehow ended up with, which always sounds awkward
and ungrammatical to me. ("Glade Interface Designer" == application for
designing interfaces to glades).

So I'm in favor of fixing the "Name" fields as you describe, but not
adding FullName.

-- Dan

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