Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Jun 25 11:53:07 PDT 2009

On 06/25/2009 05:08 AM, Jakob Petsovits wrote:

> I don't see a push for "punishment", rather the push for not using the
> org.freedesktop namespace for stuff where no consensus has been reached.

Sorry, but any time someone makes more work for me for no good 
*practical* reason, it sure feels like punishment.

> The question is what's more important to you: is it backwards compatibility,
> or is it equal treatment for all parties with all the community implications?

Backwards-compat, definitely.  I'm sorry, but grow up.  We live in a 
world where things don't always work out as they should.  Accept that, 
move on, and try to help ensure that the problems don't happen the next 
time.  Breaking existing software isn't a part of that.

> If keeping backwards compatibility will cause certain developers to reduce
> future cooperation and standardization efforts (as Aaron indicated), I wonder
> if it's more important than breaking stuff but going forward with mutual goals.

If those certain developers can't handle not getting their way, then, 
frankly, I don't particularly care what they do or don't do.  I really 
am sorry that sounds so harsh, but please understand my perspective as 
well: I do OSS as a hobby and have limited time for it.  I'd prefer to 
spend my time adding useful features to my software and fixing problems 
with it.  Doing search-and-replace on bus names (not even -- I'd have to 
*add* support for the new interface since I wouldn't want to break apps 
still using the old interface name) is useless make-work that wastes 
time that could be better spent.

This kind of attitude makes *me* not want to be involved in the current 
process, though I'm trying to push past that in order to help ensure 
that the non-inclusiveness of original notifications standardisation 
isn't repeated.

> I'm not saying which solution is the more sensible one, but keep in mind that
> psychological reasonings can be just as important as technical arguments,
> because in the end the technology is again made by people that are led (also)
> by emotions, for better or worse.

Right, exactly.  Forgive me if I'm mainly considering *my* psychological 
reasonings and emotions here, but they do exist as well.  I understand 
that some people are rightfully annoyed at being mostly left out or 
ignored when the current spec "hijacked" a name in the org.freedesktop 
namespace, but that doesn't mean they should feel free to "retaliate" by 
making extra work for those of us who have invested time in the old 


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