Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Julien Danjou julien at
Fri Jun 26 03:25:50 PDT 2009

At 1246007841 time_t, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> i agree. that's why i started a git repo and working out the details. i 
> communicated that a few times on this mailing list over the past few months as 
> well. you can find a link to the git repo both earlier in this thread as well 
> as at the end of this email..
> there are 5 personal repository clones of it on at this point.

The thing is that starting to spread things over the internet on
gitorious, github, git.whatever is really a PITA for people trying to
implement spec (as me) to find where they're all. That's why I prefer to
use a centralized service so I know that « it's on fd.o, of course. ».

For the record, even if it's a little topic, I had no idea until I read
this thread why the notification specs where hosted on Galago. So I've
started to implement this, believing it was a Freedesktop standard (i.e.,
one that was a consensus between all majors desktops), and now I
realize that I got fooled.
So I'm not opened to believe that one of the 5 clones of a git
repository has the right "foobar standard specs" inside. I want them on
fd.o (like there's on so I know that
only good people from fd.o pushed things they agreed on.

> and while we wait ..? and once it's there how does someone get push access? 

You just request people to get added on the 'standards' group.

> through the same long processes that have been holding others up for quite 
> some time? i no longer believe in the centralized system of management and 
> control that goes on around fortunately, we don't need it. 

And I don't believe in the spread of informations all over the Internet.
It's like you where against Wikipedia because it centralize
information. Maybe it's bad, but it's very handy.

> there are other resources out there that are much more open with which we can 
> work on work.

I cannot solve fd.o administration issue, unfortunately. As you say,
there's nothing preventing people to go elsewhere; I'll just fight for
people to get access on fd.o. :-)

> why wait? you can start immediately:


> i'm happy to add you to the project members list as well so you can push 
> directly into the main repository if you'd like.
> and if's git hosting meets the needs at some point, it's 
> trivial to push the repo there. in the meantime we don't have to wait. we can 
> actually DO.

I agree.
I just think that is everybody is getting away from the fd.o
architecture, it's just pointless and should be shutted down.
I don't mean we should wait fd.o to get to work, but putting the work on fd.o
should be a goal.

Or there's no point having a common infrastructure and talking about
putting things in common. Go write your specs in your side in your git
repo on the Internet, tell that this is where the Truth is, and go with

Somehow, reminds me of Galago/Notification, after all. :)

Julien Danjou
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