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the spec [1] only talks about
XDG_DATA_DIRS/HOME -> e.g. icons, docs, ... equiv of e.g. /usr/share
XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/HOME -> settings, equiv of /etc
XDG_CACHE_DIRS/HOME -> e.g. a plugin cache, equiv of /var/cache

but there is nothing for plugins (equiv of /usr/lib). E.g. the user aquired the gstreamer mp3 decoder plugin from fluendo (which sits right now in ~/.gstreamer-0.10/plugins). If this would justify xdg where should t go instead? Would it make sense to add a
XDG_LIB_HOME -> $HOME/.local/lib
gstreamer could then use $XDG_LIB_HOME/gstreamer-0.10/

Would we also want this for executables?
XDG_BIN_HOME -> $HOME/.local/bin

As usual the names can be discussed as well :)



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