Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Fri Jun 26 10:43:43 PDT 2009

On Friday 26 June 2009, Julien Danjou wrote:
> The thing is that starting to spread things over the internet on
> gitorious, github, git.whatever is really a PITA for people trying to
> implement spec (as me) to find where they're all. That's why I prefer to
> use a centralized service so I know that « it's on fd.o, of course. ».

i completely agree, except for one unfortunate fact of reality:

	the centralized service of fd.o has failed us repeatedly and continuously.

now, if we put this on hold until everyone who needs one has an account and 
people can then start to work, it's a crap shoot at best if it happens.

on the other hand, i can start a git repo in 5 minutes on gitorious and people 
can start working with it immediately. it's an open system. we're not waiting 
for anyone.

and maybe that will make the current fd.o admin cabal sit up and think about 
things a bit. i don't want nor do i have the time and energy for a power 
struggle, but that's what i've run into so many times in the past few years 
when it came to wanting to get to work.

in the meantime, i just want to get some work done. i want to sort out what a 
good work flow around specification authorship and acceptance looks like.

"how do we engage in shared spec definition" is completely orthogonal to 
"where is it hosted". if/when fd.o opens up to be a more open system, i'd love 
to see this work hosted there, but i'm not going to let that be a blocker.

i'd like to see work done on opening up fd.o admin systems, i'd also like to 
work in parallel on the specs issues. we can merge the two when there is 
opportunity to do so.

> > and while we wait ..? and once it's there how does someone get push
> > access?
> You just request people to get added on the 'standards' group.

i have no faith in the current administration of fd.o, given the last few 
years of management. outside the galago spec issue, i've watched numerous 
people on this list say they can't get the support and access they need. the 
gatekeeper model in place right now does not work. it is too closed and has 
too much of a bottleneck.

the current system requires the gatekeepers to be motivated, have lots of well 
spread-out free time and be constantly aware of what's needed in the various 
corners of our world. that isn't realistic, it doesn't scale, it's not how 
other healthy F/OSS projects work and fd.o's current state of health reflects 

> > through the same long processes that have been holding others up for
> > quite some time? i no longer believe in the centralized system of
> > management and control that goes on around fortunately,
> > we don't need it.
> And I don't believe in the spread of informations all over the Internet.
> It's like you where against Wikipedia because it centralize
> information. Maybe it's bad, but it's very handy.

i can start contributing to wikipedia in minutes. i don't have to ask someone 
to start working on something, and they have workflows in place to check abuse 
and accidents. that's the secret of their success, and the secret of fd.o's 
failures in recent years.

> > i'm happy to add you to the project members list as well so you can push
> > directly into the main repository if you'd like.
> >
> > and if's git hosting meets the needs at some point, it's
> > trivial to push the repo there. in the meantime we don't have to wait. we
> > can actually DO.
> I agree.
> I just think that is everybody is getting away from the fd.o
> architecture, it's just pointless and should be shutted down.
> I don't mean we should wait fd.o to get to work, but putting the work on
> fd.o should be a goal.

completely agreed.

> Or there's no point having a common infrastructure and talking about
> putting things in common. Go write your specs in your side in your git
> repo on the Internet, tell that this is where the Truth is, and go with
> it.
> Somehow, reminds me of Galago/Notification, after all. :)

here's the difference: i am welcoming _everyone_. i put this somewhere where 
anyone can work on it, and am willing (and have) added anyone who wants to be 
added to the specs team on gitorious. they just need to be involved in spec 
writing, and there you go. 

moreover, this is something nobody has been taking on, so there is no prior or 
competing effort. if there had been, i would have joined up with that some 
time ago.

this is quite different from the closed system that has grown around fd.o and 
which had been a hallmark of the galago drafting, and different in that nobody 
else is even trying to do what i'm trying to get people to do here.

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