XDG Icon Spec: requesting new icons for headsets, speakers, headphones

Lennart Poettering mzkqt at 0pointer.de
Wed Mar 4 03:18:54 PST 2009


PulseAudio is nowadays able to distuingish the 'form factor' of a
sound card. i.e. whether it is an internal card, external speakers, a
headset, headphones, ... We'd like to show different icons for these
different cards in the UI. I'd thus like to ask for a couple of new
additions to the sound naming spec, given that these factors are
pretty generic. Here's what PA can distuingish:

internal     -- already covered by '
handset      -- probably covered by 'phone'
webcam       -- already covered
microphone   -- already covered 
computer     -- already covered
portable     -- probably covered by 'multimedia-player'
modem        -- already covered

Some of these form factors are from the Bluetooth spec, some are
elsewhere from. I am not sure if having an icon for each and every
entry of this list makes sense, but some certainly do.

This hence boils down to that I'd like to ask for the following five standard icon names:

- Speakers  (i.e. external USB speakers or suchlike)
- TV
- Headset
- Headphones
- Hands-free

Also, in PA I can distuingish normal audio (i.e. "analog" for whatever
that means) from digital audio -- HDMI or IEC958/SPDIF. It would be
good to have icons for HDMI and IEC958. Also it might make sense to
have sublavours for most of the 'form factors' above for PCI, USB,
Bluetooth. But yepp, these subflavours are not really that important
they might not even make too much sense. My priority is to get the
five names mentioned above into the spec. I am pretty sure that some
of them (i.e. TV) might be relevant for other projects as well.



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