Request feedback: Idea for managing files still being worked on

Patrick Chapman pchapman12345 at
Sat Mar 7 18:05:38 PST 2009

I don't like coming to a group asking for something even if it is just
a critique of method but I have looked for another group or an
existing method/application and found only dead projects.

I am trying to develop a method of organizing data I've stored. I
store a lot of data, todo lists, notes on subjects of interest and I
have found lots of tools to help but all of them seen to store their
own set of information and all of them break when I move a file
outside the application. Then I got my own idea.

What I am expecting is someone to point out an obvious flaw that I
have missed or say why don't you just use * which I missed in my

My idea is to put a directory just under home and store links to all
my data files their with the inode number as a name. Then create a
local bin directory and create bash scripts that manage these
additional links if the file is in my home directory.

Links don't break because the inode doesn't change unless the file is
deleted or moved off the filesystem.

This system would have to be integrated with applications with a user
space virtual file system but they exist.

This system is only meant for data being actively worked with so it's
not meant as an archive and it's not meant for data that has been
fully annotated and is ready for archive.

It also seems to me that a pathname that doesn't change could make for
easier annotation.

OK so now I invite your comments and critiques.

Patrick Chapman

PS please excuse any spelling or grammar errors. It's a learning
disability not laziness

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