XDG Icon Spec: requesting new icons for headsets, speakers, headphones

Rodney Dawes dobey.pwns at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 06:40:10 PDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 12:18 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> Heya!


> This hence boils down to that I'd like to ask for the following five standard icon names:
> - Speakers  (i.e. external USB speakers or suchlike)

This is really what audio-card was supposed to be. Having an icon for a
specific audio card is really pretty pointless. I'm not sure what to
rename it to though, at the moment.

> - TV

This is covered by video-display really. How is a TV different from a
monitor with speakers? Perhaps this should be renamed to just be
'display' though, as video- is a bit redundant.

> - Headset
> - Hands-free

As Bastien noted, I'm not sure how these are different. And having icons
for Bluetooth profiles doesn't make sense, I think, which is what the
latter is. A BT headset and a BT 'hands free' kit in a car both use the
same hands-free profile. What matters is the model information we get
from the device when we query it, not what profile it is connecting to.

> - Headphones

I also think 'headset' for example, is a superset of 'headphones'. All
headsets provide at least one speaker, but all headphones don't provide
a microphone.

> Opinions?

I'm not sure how to name some of these exactly. And I'm not sure I see
much point in differentiating some of the pieces. For example, the input
and output portions of a headset, you will almost always want to control
independently of each other. In those cases, the UI will be using
microphone and speaker (or headphones) anyway, to differentiate the
input and output portions, no?

I'm not against putting some of these in, but I want to understand them
better so that we can get the right names in the first time. :)


PS: Please don't overtake other similar threads to demand a response. It
is sort of rude. Your mail was significantly longer and requested a lot
more icons, so it obviously takes a bit more time and thought to reply

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