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As in past years[1], both GNOME and KDE will happily be accepting
proposals for projects related to tools and libraries.
We feel that the work performed by those involved with
is invaluable to our community, and its specifications and libraries are
implemented and used by both of our software suites. proposals will get equal treatment within our
proposal selection process.  If possible we will reserve slots for projects, although it will depend on the quality of
proposals received, as well as the total number of slots that Google
allocates to us.

This is not to say that either of us intend to take over
activities, but rather simply to provide a chance for fd.o to receive
supported development work by enthusiastic students.

If you have ideas that you would like students to work on, please add it
to our Ideas wiki pages[2][3], which are open to public editing or,
create a page of your own and add a link in ours; this will ensure
students looking for projects they would like to implement will have a
fair chance at seeing your ideas.  Should you take advantage of this
opportunity, feel free to contact us to discuss how fd.o project mentors
should participate in rating applications and how students should apply.

Contact information:
	Jeff Mitchell - mitchell a t
	Adam Schreiber - sadam a t


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