Second Draft of Free Music Player Specifications ready

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Thu Nov 5 14:29:08 PST 2009

Peter van Hardenberg wrote:
> I'd still really like to see the so-called canonical rating take the root of
> the rating namespace. This is, I think, more self-documenting; when in
> doubt, read the least specialized rating. I suppose there may also be
> applications out there which would want to set the rating automatically.
> These would be "canonical" (within the context of this discussion), but
> not "user".
>     FMPS_Rating_User (canonical rating, set by user)
>     FMPS_Rating_Critic_Ralph=Gleason
>     FMPS_Rating_Critic_Metacritic
>     FMPS_Rating_Algorithm_Supercool (collaborative)
>     FMPS_Rating_Algorithm_AmarokAutorating (player-specific)

OK, so you're thinking:

FMPS_Rating (canonical user-defined rating)

Sounds good to me.

> I like where this is going. I'm thinking something like -- any keys in
> the form FMPS_Rating{_*} must be in the range of 0.0 - 1.0.

Yes, this should be explicitly mentioned.

> One issue we haven't discussed here is how to approach the varying
> styles used in different tag formats. I'd prefer it if we followed local
> conventions. For example, APE and Vorbis comment tags are
> usually CAPSSMUSHEDTOGETHER, whereas ASF is NameSpace/TagName.

I can live with local conventions, but for ease of readability for
someone actually trying to modify their tags by hand -- plus ease of
parsing -- I'd prefer to keep the underscores. So FMPS_Rating on MP3 and
FMPS_RATING on Vorbis work?

> It's worth mentioning that MUSICBRAINZ has claimed its own namespace and
> we should probably follow their lead with that.

Yes, I was planning on that for ASF (just haven't written that in yet).

> I would suggest we include an Appendix section which would give the
> recommended forms for currently available tag formats and advise
> implementors to try to follow local conventions and to propose
> unspecified forms to the XDG list for adoption by the group.

That sounds good.


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