"distro" devrooms at FOSDEM, possible non-linux devroom

François Revol revol at free.fr
Sat Nov 14 09:56:10 PST 2009

Hi there.
This year FOSDEM orgs tried to group all the distros devroom in 
specific rooms, to try to free up slots for other projects.

Last year I tried to set up a non-linux OS devroom for other OSes like 
AROS, Haiku, ReactOS, Minix... but couldn't get a slot.
I think it should be possible this year.

In any case, it should be interesting to see cross-distro talks, likely 
FreeDesktop.org should be represented there.

As for the non-linux room if we get one, it'd be still interesting to 
discuss which recommendations each OS is willing to follow.
Interestingly also, several OSes (Haiku and now AROS) started porting 
Gallium3D for ex.


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