Proposing the StatusNotifier specification

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Wed Jan 6 07:12:28 PST 2010

Le mercredi 06 janvier 2010, à 16:03 +0100, Marco Martin a écrit :
> On Wednesday 06 January 2010, Vincent Untz wrote:
> > I find org.freedesktop.StatusNotifierItem a bit, hrm, weird, though. Why
> > not org.freedesktop.StatusItem or org.freedesktop.NotificationItem.
> well, it acttally changed name at least 4-5 times and have been issues for 
> each of those names.
> NotificationItem was indeed the last one, but the problem was the potential 
> confusion with the notification system,

Hrm, okay (I'm assuming we're talking about a status system, in
opposition of a notification system).

> StatusItem would be probably ok-ish 
> too, but not significantly better than StatusNotifierItem
> a Status notifier item is a thing that notifies about the status of an 
> application, so even if not totally pretty is a name that seems to make 
> perfect sense.

Well, a status item is a thing that displays the status of an
application. I didn't read the spec carefully, but the intro states:

"This specification defines the management of visual items, usually
icons used for reporting the status of an application to the user or
provide a quick access to common actions performed by that application."

It's certainly not just about an item that "notifies".


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