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Wed Jan 6 21:42:23 PST 2010

for system-wide (machine) options, or per-user options.  What if I want
menus for all systems on a network, but still want system-independent
menu options as well as user personal menus?  (My systems - Red Hat Ent.
5.x, GNOME)

Currently, I have XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_DATA_DIRS pointing at the NFS
mounted menu directories.  This seems to work for adding my custom menu
options to the menus, with some exceptions:

NFS mounted config directories:

- If a new user logs in, and attempts to edit a personal menu via
right-click on the menu bar (alacarte) he's unable to do so because
alacarte doesn't open.  I'm guessing this is due to the menu files'
permissions.  (Solution: merge a specific user menu and expect everyone
to know XML? Add a path to XDG_* variables?)

- If an exisiting user has edited the menu, and I implement the XDG_*
variable changes from defaults, he's still able to edit the menus via
alacarte but no longer sees any updates I make to the menus.



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