Proposing the StatusNotifier specification

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen mikkel.kamstrup at
Thu Jan 14 03:30:11 PST 2010

2009/12/17 Aurélien Gâteau <aurelien.gateau at>:
> Hi,
> A few months ago, Marco Martin proposed a new specification to
> [1] (at this time it was named NotificationItem, it has
> since then be renamed to StatusNotifier to avoid confusion with the
> existing Notification spec).
> The goal of this specification is to replace the old x-embed protocol
> used by applications to export icons in the system tray/notification
> area. The new specification presents a number of advantages, quoting Marco:
> """
> The new protocol is based upon D-Bus, and separates the presentation
> of the items from the logic, in our case the painting is completely
> controlled by Plasma and the applications registers via D-bus (with a
> small clien library shared across KDE) to a central server, while
> there can be zero or more instances of the systemtray.
> if either the serve or no instances of systemtrays that supports this
> protocol are registered the system will fall back using the old
> systray specification.
> """
> The latest version of the specification can be found here:
> This specification is already implemented by KDE in kdelibs [2] and
> Canonical is working on an implementation for GNOME, libappindicator [3].
> We believe the specification is a significant improvement over the
> x-embed protocol and is now mature enough to be accepted as a
> specification.
> Having the specification accepted now would make it possible for both
> implementations to switch to the "org.freedesktop" DBus namespace now,
> thus simplifying code because there would be no need to register two names.

I am wondering if we need some event timestamps for the methods on
org.freedesktop.StatusNotifierItem? Window managers that does focus
stealing prevention will not allow apps to focus windows at whatever
times suits them without a valid event timestamp. This goes for
Metacity atleast, perhaps also Mutter...


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