Karl Vollmer karl.vollmer at
Mon Jan 25 08:15:02 PST 2010

Hello all,

  I LIVE - Better late then never I guess. So I had a few comments on
the spec, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Comments are as

- I don't like the FMPS_???? syntax, but I see no way around it,
nature of the beast. so o.o)b to that

- We should restrict the allowed UTF-8 character set to non-control
characters. I'm pretty sure nobody wants a NULL or LF/CR in an
identifier. I'm not sure exactly what exceptions should be allowed in
the value, such a allowing NULL delimiters or something?

Beyond that I'm happy with the spec, and would be willing to implement
it in Ampache. As far as adoption I should be able to add read support
rather easily, but write could be more complex. It might be worth it
to build an "exporter" for Ampache / Amarok that would write out this
new tag format to your files in batch so that we can start to get
files out there with these tags.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 10:04 AM, Jeff Mitchell <mitchell at> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm pinging you three because all of you promised to write about the
> spec -- Karl had comments and ideas, the VideoLan guys wanted to voice
> support -- but nobody ever did. So it's been sitting a month and a half,
> and appears all but dead to everyone.
> Which is too bad, since it solves real problems and could provide real
> utility to people.
> I have a strong feeling that people stopped following it when it went to
> the XDG list because people couldn't be bothered to subscribe to it,
> even though before that people asked me to move the discussion to a
> public list. You just can't win, sometimes.
> So, I'm pestering you three again. Get this discussion going. The spec
> is workable and presents a real possibility, especially given VLC's
> cross-platform muscle, for adoption -- especially if we can also get
> Peter from Songbird to sign off on it, since he was finally coming
> around. And Banshee has pledged to follow the spec if it gets ratified.
> Karl: You've been promising to reply to it for two months...enough
> dithering about. Put your ideas/concerns in email. I have them somewhere
> in my Quassel backlog, but it would take hours to find. If you have a
> better backlog, or if you simply remember them, then just write them
> down and send them out to the xdg list.
> VLC guys: pester Karl to do his stuff (he's vollmer on FreeNode, just
> keep /msg him until he does it), and when things have been worked out,
> if you like what you see, say so! And if you don't, reply and say what
> you feel needs to be changed.
> --Jeff

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