Steven Robertson steven at
Mon Jan 25 10:08:03 PST 2010

> And if you don't, reply and say what you feel needs to be changed.

I'd like to see a few additional statistics standardized, particularly
"lastplayed" timestamp, and optionally a "laststarted" timestamp,
"added" (or "firstplayed") timestamp, and "skipcount". These tags
provide both users and algorithms more to work with when deciding what
to play next based on statistics. I understand that not all players
track, expose, or write this information, but Quod Libet will do so
regardless of adoption in the spec.

The need for 'FMPS_' is understandable, but it's still ugly as sin.

Xiph tag identifiers are case insensitive, and I would be more
comfortable if, for those formats, identifier case was not part of the
spec. Quod Libet uses Mutagen, which will not write uppercase Xiph
tags by design.


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