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Jaqui Greenlees jaquigreenlees at
Thu Jul 15 13:46:38 PDT 2010

Navigation, finding software that is part of the project really sucks on the
There IS NO NAVIGATION of the site.

it's why wikis are piss poor options for entire websites, they don't have
they work for documentation section, not entire sites.

bad enough every bug report I have ever submitted just gets deleted, the
have no interest in doing things right, only in bloating themselves into
[ eyesight damaging defaults in xorg's automatic configuration tool reports
repeatedly deleted. ]

now we get to see if plymouth will actually follow the intent of the FSF and
GNU-GPL and fix the bug report I just submitted.

the last two, are why not much import is placed on
freedesktop.orgactivities by many people, the ignoring input from
others of the projects
associated with it.
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