Git access to freedesktop

Huang, FrankR FrankR.Huang at
Thu Mar 11 01:15:57 PST 2010


	Thanks for your IP address. I'll let our IT guys to tunnel it.
	By the way, take an example:
		The command "git clone git://"

	It respond with the message "fatal: unable to connect a socket(No route to host)". Does it mean the port 9814 is prohibit from AMD internal?


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Twas brillig at 14:24:04 11.03.2010 UTC+08 when FrankR.Huang at did gyre and gimble:

 HF> So can you provide us with the IP and port of git
 HF> access? I'll forward your information to our IT guys.

No idea why you can't get this information from host(1) and
/etc/services, but anyway:


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