desktop-file-utils migrated to git / desktop-file-utils 0.16 released

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Thu Mar 11 06:14:03 PST 2010

Hi all,

desktop-file-utils was finally migrated from cvs to git. The git repo is

Also, this made it possible to finally do a new desktop-file-utils
release. So here we have desktop-file-utils 0.16:

This is the first release in two years (!).

Changes in desktop-file-utils 0.16:

   - do not unlink the destination file if it's the same as the source
     file in desktop-file-install
   - check that a main category is included in the Categories
   - check that categories required by another one are present
   - do not always show warnings about KDE specific uses
   - check that the Comment does not look like the Name and the
   - display error about multiple keys with the same name earlier
   - improve MIME type check to make sure that the MIME types are valid
   - add LXDE in the list of registered OnlyShowIn values
   - add "warning" to error strings to make them easily greppable
   - handle AutostartCondition key, as proposed for the autostart
     specification and used in GNOME
   - accept empty Categories key as valid
   - make new errors non-fatal to give some time to maintainers to fix
     their .desktop file after a release of desktop-file-utils
   - plug leak
   - code cleanups
   - improve MIME type check to make sure that the MIME types are valid
   - improve error messages
   - fix format string vulnerability warning
   - improve build system



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