is this the correct place to find a more comprehensive cursor name list?

Will Blaylock comsoft at
Fri Mar 26 13:58:54 PDT 2010

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I have taken several Ubuntu packaged cursor themes apart and beyond the
named cursors I can find little rhyme or reason to some of the hex-digit
names though some of them seem to be consistent.

The web page which pointed me to this list had a collection of named
cursors but does not mention any of the numbered ones.

I have found that my Kubuntu system resorts to inherited cursors if I
dont have a couple of the numbered files present in the package.

Google has not been very helpful with the words I have used to search.
It chooses to return tutorials on how to build a single cursor or how to
use a windows tool to start, and gursor to finish.

I have been using gimp + plugin to look at the stack I have, and build
my own with better than mediocre success.
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