Feedback on implementing Systray2.0 in GLX-Dock

Fabrice Rey fabounet03 at
Fri May 7 12:50:00 PDT 2010

"in both cases who will have to open and show the menu is also its owner and
knows everything about it, including the size."

>>> I agree, so the application should place the menu correctly.

"The algrithm is quite simple, default to open the popup at bottom-left
compared to the coordinate
if pos.y+menu.height > screen bottom, open the popup at pos.y-popup.height
if pos.x+menu.width >screen.right, open the popup at pos.x-popup.width"

>>>actually this is not so simple because you don't take into account the
height of the dock (or the with if it's on the side)
By doing that (and that's probably what's done at the moment), the menu will
overlap the dock.

Take the case of systray icons being inside a sub-dock, the icon can be at
200 pixels from the height. If the menu is 200 pixels height, you can guess
what will happen.
If the menu is above the dock, the problem is less critical, but that's the
WM which will eventually place the menu above or not, and you can't be sure
it will do that (since the dock is a window of type "DOCK", and such windows
are usually above all other windows.)

The best would be to send the orientation to the application :
This way, in the "bottom" case, (x,y) should be the bottom of the menu,
whereas in the "top" case, it should be the top of the menu.
The application could guess whether the icon is on the top or on the bottom,
but it's probably better to let the dock inform it.

" i'll filter out not allowed tags from the kde implementation as well"
>>> I would appreciate :-)
Also, we should decide what kind of html markers are allowed or not.

>>> About the scroll, I just wanted to be clear about negative numbers,
since the orientation parameter only tells if its vertical or horizontal.
If you scroll up and the sound volume decreases, you will feel something is
wrong. ^^

"the target is having the org.freedesktop name, but this only when there
be a more broad approach. It was agreed in the past to not take the
freedesktop name until it's an actual recognized spec."
>>> That's a wise decision (not like some who push an API to freedesktop
whereas the didn't even implement it completely, or test it in real
condition with third-party projects ...)

I really hope all the applications will adopt this protocol soon, since the
old X systray definitely doesn't go with an OpenGL dock.

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