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Tue Nov 9 15:01:48 PST 2010

On Tue, 09.11.10 10:13, Kevin Krammer (kevin.krammer at gmx.at) wrote:

> > Of course, right now it is not that easy on Linux to get the necessary
> > information from the kernel to implement these tests. However, at last
> > for the wallclock time change test this will change shortly.
> Hmm, doesn't sound very ensuring. How about other operating system that 
> software following freedesktop.org standards is commonly run on, e.g. *BSD, 
> Solaris?

Well, I personally don't care much about non-Linux. But notice that I
actually worded this carefully: an OS *may* delete the files eventually
if the tstamp is not updated. If the OS is crappy and doesn't have the
necessary interfaces to make this work, then people can just skip
implementing this part.

Note that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR needs to be implemented in some lower-level
part of the OS anyway (e.g. on Linux: systemd). If this also requires changes
in another lower-level part of the OS (e.g. kernel) then this is
completely fine. The ones who add this to the OS are the ones
responsible to make it work fully, regardless whether that is userspace
or kernelspace.

> Since you guys have put this auto delete on age feature into the list you 
> probably have a good use case for it. Maybe you could elaborate on it so we 
> others can also take it into our considerations.

We simply don't want to have the dir increase in size boundlessly just
by crashing programs. It's just a GC for stuff apps left in the dir.


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