Question about xdg-sound-theme licensing

Lennart Poettering mzkqt at
Tue Sep 14 10:22:22 PDT 2010

On Mon, 13.09.10 03:04, Brian Cameron (brian.cameron at wrote:

> >>So, I am wondering how these files are licensed, and if the README file
> >>is in error.  It seems that a non-existant license is being listed for
> >>these files.  At the very least, I think this should be corrected and
> >>it might make sense to not use a retired license.
> >
> >Well, when we put this together we mostly copied wha was stated in the
> >original sources, i.e. gnome-audio and a couple of other sound themes
> >found on the net that hade san licenses.
> That makes sense.  It just seems that this information may be
> incorrect or incomplete.  I think it would be better to specify more
> clearly what license is used if it is possible to ask the authors.

Well, I think we'd all greatly appreciate if somebody wants to look into


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