Mime types for folders

Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Tue Feb 8 07:35:42 PST 2011

Dnia wtorek, 8 lutego 2011 o 14:51:53 Stef Bon napisał(a):
> So in Computer:
> 1-Optiarc-DVD_RW_AD-7170S
> entering these mounts them (somewhere at /mnt/..) and shows the
> contents (also) here.

The idea behind the Unix filesystem hierarchy is to hide these things from the operator, and there must be good reasons to do so (this feature, and symbolic links in paths, make the system really flexible).  Of course, if you feel like converting a Linux machine into a Macintosh desktop, good luck  to you (no sarcasm here).  If the devices are transparently mounted, they can indeed serve as directories.  I did not envision such hardware-centric approach; my reasoning (and expectations) go in the opposite direction.


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