.desktop type Link

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Thu Feb 10 08:06:52 PST 2011

In the .desktop spec, we have:

Type	 This specification defines 3 types of desktop entries:
Application (type 1), Link (type 2) and Directory (type 3). To allow
the addition of new types in the future, implementations should ignore
desktop entries with an unknown type.

What is Link?  Does anything use this now?  At least gnome-menus does:

  if ((entry->type == DESKTOP_ENTRY_DESKTOP && strcmp (type_str,
"Application") != 0) ||
      (entry->type == DESKTOP_ENTRY_DIRECTORY && strcmp (type_str,
"Directory") != 0))
      menu_verbose ("\"%s\" does not contain the correct \"Type\"
value\n", entry->path);
      g_free (type_str);
      goto out;

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