Adding Unity to OnlyShowIn allowed values

Pierre Wieser pwieser at
Sun Feb 20 05:56:53 PST 2011

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> Dnia sobota, 19 lutego 2011 o 23:59:21 Pierre Wieser napisał(a):
> >
> > While talking about Desktop Actions, this remind me that I do not
> > know how to determine what is the currently running desktop :(
> >
> > Does anyone could point me to some sort of library/hint or so ?
> >
> read xdg-open, for example.
> HTH,
> Chris

Thanks for the pointer, Chris.

At least, xdg-open will give me a start point for most popular

I must admit that I hoped that, as XDG specifies some desktops in
its specs, it would also specify somewhere how to identify these
desktops :(

May I suggest to the list that adding a desktop to a XDG spec 
(e.g. Registered OnlyShowIn Environments of menu spec) requires 
to also specify how to identify this environment ?


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