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Il giorno mar, 15/03/2011 alle 09.52 +0100, Bjørge Solli ha scritto:
> Hi, I would like to have a small applet that starts when a user logs in 
> to a window manager and that I can have running in the background to 
> notify users of events (e.g. using libnotify). Is there a standard that 
> could make this work on all WMs? Any tutorials or howtos to help me 
> along, preferably using standard bash or python? I am conserned on how 
> to make it stop when the user logs out or his session is killed for some 
> reason. Don't want zombies keeping the users network home mounted. If 
> you have any advice on these topics please let me know.

To autostart: use the Autostart specification. (which is nothing but
a .desktop file /etc/xdg/autostart or ~/.config/autostart). You can even
choose when your application needs to be started (at the beginning,
after dbus but before the WM, after WM but before the panels...). Use
OnlyShowIn to pick only specific sessions (i.e. GNOME or KDE)
To finish at logout: you can use XSMP to get full notifications of
session closing (including the ability to save state and block log out).
If you just need to die, connect to DBus or X11. Both libX11 and libdbus
kill the process when the connection is lost. Also, for some session
managers, if you don't double fork you will be notified of session
termination with SIGTERM.

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