Re[2]: Window docker - turn any window into panel

Mike Cookson cook60020tmp at
Wed Mar 23 08:34:18 PDT 2011

Btw... i'm using gtk 2.20.1 - under ubuntu 10.04. Can't suggest, how much is better with gtk3 - i faileod to build it. And this damn binary compatibility...

In short, I slightly fixed appearing of managed windows in panel - now under kwin they appear on first attempt in most cases (tested with gmrun), though it is not absolute yet. It seems, that some things, that gtk code should do automatically, sometimes not performed. For this case - i just added reparenting of gdk window object after size is set, at the end of window adding function (btw, refitting of socket widget size to size of embedded window fails at least in this gtk version =).

Also fixed getting of correct window coords before embedding, but it still useless - under fluxbox disembedded window appears always on the center. Even following gdk_flush() and gdk_window_move() can't fix the situation.

As for focus - those problems, with kcalc and kcolorchooser, as under compiz, appear under fluxbox too. Though for dclock - i can use keys to toggle seconds, 24h mode, etc.

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