Adding Unity to OnlyShowIn allowed values

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Wed Mar 30 20:23:28 PDT 2011

Sorry Vincent, your e-mail got lost in the stack, sorry for the late

On Mon, 2011-03-14 at 19:02 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Something that wasn't clear to me and that I understood after talking to
> Didier and looking at an example .desktop file for Unity is how you're
> using this. Which is is the following, as far as I understand:
>  + you have one .desktop file for, say, evolution
>  + in this .desktop file, you define several actions
>  + you want some actions to appear in an indicator, and some others to
>    appear in the dash
>  + you use OnlyShowIn=Unity; for actions that should only appear in the
>    dash, and not the indicator (or the opposite, I forgot already).
> Is this right? If no, please ignore what's below :-)

It was.  There were many Frenchmen[1] against using OnlyShowIn in that
way, so I've changed the property for the actions to "TargetEnvironment"
which doesn't have the same requirements as OnlyShowIn, and isn't
considered overloading it.  It does basically the same things except for
at a smaller scale, instead of GNOME/KDE level, at the component level.
We are currently supporting the old way in the libs, but with a warning.

> I'd like to hear what you think; if my understanding of how it works is
> correct, but you still want to register Unity (to show different apps in
> menus, or to have different autostart files), that's fine and we can add
> Unity ASAP :-)

That all being said, I would.  I think that I now have a better example
even :-)  We made a small configuration utility for our clock which has
a desktop file, but doesn't make sense to show in a GNOME Shell or KDE
environment.  While I don't know that it would hurt anyone, it could
make GNOME Shell running on Ubuntu more confusing.


[1] Seriously, it was kinda weird.  Something in the water there.
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