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On Friday, 2011-05-20, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> On Fri, 20 May 2011 22:57:57 +0200
> Stef Bon <stefbon at> wrote:

> > Ok, I understand. I'm not very familiar with dbus.
> > 
> > But then still somewhere has to be defined that the app which is
> > assigned to open the url.
> > That depends on what. The environment?
> With D-Bus that depends on which application is installed that
> implements the D-Bus interface in question. I don't really
> know what happens if several such applications or services are
> installed. The decision which one to start depends on D-Bus
> in that case.
> Applications can hard-code which of the alternatives to use but the
> entire (or at least an important) point of standardized APIs is to avoid
> that.

For interfaces that many applications could provide and which might differ on 
a per-user basis due to personal preferences, an alternative mechanism to D-
Bus activation will have to be provided.

For example by performing a query for preferred service similar to what xdg-
mime can do and then launching that explicitly or by asking a central broker 
like service to launch the preferred service for a given interface.


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