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Fri May 20 15:10:11 PDT 2011

On Friday, 2011-05-20, Stef Bon wrote:
> 2011/5/20 Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at>:

> > For interfaces that many applications could provide and which might
> > differ on a per-user basis due to personal preferences, an alternative
> > mechanism to D- Bus activation will have to be provided.
> > 
> > For example by performing a query for preferred service similar to what
> > xdg- mime can do and then launching that explicitly or by asking a
> > central broker like service to launch the preferred service for a given
> > interface.
> I think the best sollution here is that not the desired app is
> launched, but some wrapper script.
> That will read the preferences for the environment, choose the
> preferred app and launch it.
> That will  take the decision off from dbus, to the wrapper script.
> But then we're back at where we began, a script to launch...
> Maybe another sollution: make the current scripts try to look to dbus,
> if there is the configuration present for the default app for file
> browser, launch that one.
> If dbus is not present, or the configuration of default apps is not
> available here, do the default what now happens.

This is an orthogonal problem to the file manager interface discussed in this 
Certainly complimentary for an ideal solution and worth pursuing on its own 
but better kept to a different thread and maybe even different time so not to 
derail the topic at hand.


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